28 by 28

28 By 28

1. Read 4 books (for fun).
2. Update my "In Case I Die" letters. I wrote them in 2008.
3. Develop old disposable cameras.
4. Make another video for the blog.
5. Go to Machu Picchu.
6. Do a primarily strength-based workout for at least 2 months.
7. Do a 1000 piece puzzle.
8. Go to Yosemite.
9. Spend a whole day without any non-essential media (i.e. work email ok, cell phone games not).
10. Eat 1 raw meal a day for a week.
11. Change my gym membership to save some $.
12. Try a vegetable that's new to me.
13. Bike to Nob Hill.
14. Take Luna to a new dog park.
15. Learn to play a new song on the keyboard.
16. Try a new type of art.
17. Take the Railrunner to Santa Fe for the day just for fun.
18. Try a new type of tea.
19. Do 20 full pushups in a row.
20. Volunteer doing something that isn't medical.
21. Make a meal plan for dinners and stick to it for a week.
22. Watch at least 50% of the films nominated for a 2015 Best Picture Oscar.
23. Go to White Sands National Monument.
24. Take a non-medical class or workshop - online or in person.
25. Go to Carlsbad Caverns.
26. Grow something.
27. Try every Thai restaurant in Albuquerque [3 star or higher on Yelp]
28. Go camping.

Just for review, here's some serious accomplishments and silly things I've done with this list in the past:
Change my name [along with getting married].
See a musical.
Do a colorful 5K. One where they throw paint at you. The Neon Run San Diego
Get married.  
Keep a plant alive for longer than 1 week. I honestly think it was maybe 10 days, but hey, longer than 1 week. I'm such a plant killer.
Harry Potter Movie Marathon, with my sisters. Maybe I cheated a little with this one, since we pretty much always sip tea, knit and watch Harry Potter when I'm home in the winter, but it's one of my favorite sister times. 
Hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. We got rather surprised by the snow. 
Bike to work in a dress. The key here is a flowy skirt. There was one day I put shorts under a pencil skirt. Awkward. 
Write 3 blog posts in 1 day. I give you March 30, 2012. 
         #1 Thai Veggie Burgers from Peas & Thank You
         #2 Hungry for Change Review
         #3 Veganomicon Mole Skillet Pie with Greens
Go to a new gym class. I went to Zumba at the University gym. I also went to a yoga class on my honeymoon. It was a good reminder that I don't always have to do the same thing for workouts.
Back up my hard drive.
Clean out closet and donate clothes.
Get a massage. John and I both got one on our honeymoon. Unfortunately I was a bit sunburnt, but it was still great. 
Go to a movie alone.
Floss every day for 1 week. I'd love to say that I started flossing regularly in general, but I am flossing MORE...baby steps.
Make an updated photo collage or print and frame some friend/family photos. 
Watch 20+ of the Top 100 movies on IMDB.