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I'm always looking out for a new New Mexican race. Have a suggestion for me? Let me know.


The latest races: 
April 2013 Run-through-Redland Half-Marathon
Jan 15, 2012 Cascade Half-Marathon
April 10, 2011 Run-through-Redlands Half-Marathon - Recap

Training Example (for Run-through-Redlands) 
(This is what really happened. The intended training follows the pattern of week 1, but I rarely stuck to it exactly.)

Starting to Run

  • I started running in August 2009 because it fit my medical school schedule better than swimming. I'd never been a runner. In high school when they made us run the mile for cheerleading practice I was always close to the back, hating my life, so in college I swam for exercise, with the occasional run that still didn't really like. I never did it consistently enough to love it. 
  • When I moved for medical school, I needed to fit more workout into less time and the drive/pool/drive/shower thing just wasn't working out, so I started to run. I didn't think I'd make it right at first. I'd run about 20 minutes - out my door, down the street a little way, loop back around through my neighborhood. I felt like I'd keel over at any moment, but I just committed to 3-4 times per week, and it got easier fast. 
  • A few weeks later I could easily do a 3 mile loop, and I increased the mileage from there. I was really surprised at how happy I was, and how far I could go. That said, I never went more than 6 miles until I started training for my first half marathon in 2010. The day I ran 14 miles in Santa Barbara (my last long run before the race) was the farthest I had ever run, and I was shocked at how far I'd come. 
  • I completed my first half marathon Nov. 14, 2010. 
    • Time (PR): 2:08:40, 9:49/mile

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