Thursday, October 3, 2013

Guess Who's Almost Here?

Las Vegas, Match Weekend, March 2013

Look who's coming to see me! All the way from California. It's the Hot Air Balloon Festival starting this weekend and Becky's coming to visit.

I'm so excited.

Also it's work Day #9 in a row, and I finally get a day off tomorrow. I have to work the weekend, but at least I get Friday with my friend. I've definitely worked longer stretches, but I'm really ready for the break.

And...I still haven't written the post about the gym. Sometime soonish.

See you soon Becky!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!

Every month on the first of the month I think, "Oh I should write a post, start the month off right."

So, Happy October!

I'm so excited it's Fall, it's my birthday month, the holidays aren't that far away and that is all great.

This isn't a real post technically.

Just a "Hi, happy October!" post.

And here's a picture of me at the gym this morning - teaser for my post about my current fitness quasi-plans/goals and how I recently joined a gym for which I actually pay for the first time in my life.

Talk to you soon, stay warm.