Medical Education

I graduated from medical school in 2013 and am now a fully trained pediatrician working in Oregon.

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Muddling my way through medical school and residency was one of the greatest most difficult and rewarding challenges of my life. I love it, but it made me dig deep for some self-confidence and re-evaluate my priorities and passions every step of the way.

I know some of you may be already in medicine or thinking about entering the field, so if want to compare, relate, give advice, vent, question or anything else, feel free to e-mail or comment.

Quite a while ago I was also a contributor for my school's medical student blog. Check it out anytime for more medical-related posts and perspectives from several students in different stages of training:

I also use the tag cloud with "Tachy Med Student" or "Tachy Resident" on the right-hand side to tag medical related posts, in addition to the ones listed above.