Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIAW: In February!

As always a big thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

It's a new month. 
I'm back in Southern California. 
I've started my new Internal Medicine rotation, there's lots going on. Right now it's outpatient, but the intensity will just keep ramping up. And there's mountains to study. Mountains. 

Wedding planning is coming along pretty well. Also Honeymoon planning. Is it wrong to say that's my favorite part to research? In 6 short months I could be here:

You can't fault me for daydreaming about that. 

It's my first What I Ate Wednesday since returning, and my food is pretty much back to basics.

Pre-Breakfast Post-Workout: Almond milk/vanilla protein powder shake. Unpictured because it's super ugly. I'm going to write a separate post about this later - protein powder and protein shakes are completely new in my life. 

Breakfast: Yogurt, Muesli, Banana.

Lunch: Linkett Sandwich, Orange. I had a nostalgic moment sitting outside today eating. I went somewhere I don't usually sit, with this view of the School of Medicine building:

It reminded me of almost exactly 4 years ago when I interviewed here for med school and ate lunch in that very spot, wondering what it would be like if I got in or chose to go there. Whether I would make it, become the kind of doctor I want to be. There's still so much ahead of me I really can't say yet. 

I don't feel like it was that long ago, or like I'm that different - but I am. It's remarkable all that's happened in the past 4 years. 

But I'm pretty sure I ate a sandwich 4 years ago too. Lifelong go-to lunch. I brought a case of Loma Linda Linketts from home (thanks Mom!) and I've been slicing them up for sandwiches. So. Great. I don't want anyone who thinks they ought to taste like a hot dog to be deluded - they taste nothing like a hot dog. And that, along with all the happy childhood memories, is why I like them. 

Snack: Luna Bar, Apple. You know I needed one. Nothing sucks the energy out of me like deep thinking about hemodynamics and valve disease. I love lecture. 

This is the new Peanut Honey Pretzel flavor. I really liked it - salty and sweet never really go wrong, but it may have been a bit salty even for me. 

Dinner: Eureka burger - Happy Birthday to Natalie! I always get the Loma Linda Veggie Burger without the bun. The sweet potato fries (like in this recycled picture) are awesome, but I went a little healthier tonight with salad. 

Happy February. 

What do you think - is wedding or honeymoon dreaming more fun? Tie? Hate them both?

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