Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve

How are we doing?

Since last post we've had quite the series of adventures.

John's family came for Thanksgiving:

Vegan thanksgiving plate: Stuffing, green beans, potatoes, cranberry sauce.

John was in charge of the Turkey and we have to say a huge thanks to his Mom because I certainly had no idea how to cook a Turkey.

Hi Kellie!

Out to dinner. Turns out the day after Thanksgiving is not a great time to go out - waits were absolutely crazy, but in the end the food was good and we all had a good time once the hangry went away.

After my in-laws visited for Thanksgiving, my parents came for a visit at the beginning of December. They made great friends with Luna and we had a few fun adventures. 

There was one ill-fated trip up to Sandia peak: it was far snowier and crazier up there than we anticipated and we had to just drive back down, still, a pretty drive.

It was snowy most of the time they were here. We took a trip up to Santa Fe, went shopping and went to the galleries, and also just had a few calm nights at home. 

It was so nice to have both families here this past month, but it is that much harder to go back to real life after they left.

The day after my parents went home, I switched from clinic back to regular inpatient wards. It's not so bad, but the hours are longer and that's always a tough switch.

I also got pretty sick with a cold that I'm sure I caught from a child coughing in my face. I didn't miss any work, mostly because if you can pull yourself together you kind of need to: otherwise someone else has to come in off elective or on their day off to cover for you, and I wasn't dying, just requiring some heavy medication.

I'm mostly better now - 2 weeks later - just sometimes I'm surprised how gross my cough sounds. 

I switched to nights as of yesterday, and I'm working all this week and off for New Year's starting Saturday morning when my shift ends at 6:30. 

So in honor of having to work Christmas nights, here's a picture of Luna in a reindeer costume:

And because my family are all home together right now while I'm busy far away being married and working and crazy pretend-adult things like that, here's a picture I found from last Christmas when we were in Oregon:

Miss you all!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone, and whether you're stuck somewhere or home with family or friends I hope you're having a great season!

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