Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'll Be a Little Sad...

I'll be a little sad in a couple weeks when John no longer lives in Irvine.

Okay that's completely not true.

I'm extremely excited for him to graduate on Friday [Masters of Civil Engineering!] and move to Loma Linda and not be an hour away. Also find us an apartment and start setting it up so when we get married in 7 weeks it's much less overwhelming to move.

But I will miss this:

Veggie Grill B-Wing Salad. 

While there's no shortage of great vegan food in Loma Linda, it's mostly grocery store-based. I can get any ingredient I need to cook really anything without any problem, but there are no all-vegan restaurants like Veggie Grill or Native Foods. Frankly, there are some things they just do much better than me. And since I drag John to one of these every single time I visit, my steady supply of this deliciousness is going to decrease significantly when he moves and I don't come out here that much anymore. 

So on my perhaps last visit to Irvine for a while, we went out to Veggie Grill yesterday.

Jess at Get Sconed! [click for the reviews] has been really up on the new Veggie Grill menu items through some promotions and I was keeping her reviews in mind. Usually I wouldn't really go that much for Buffalo Wings, but she was giving this one some serious praise, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered it. 


I did not leave a single scrap of food on that plate. 

It's probably the best thing I've ever eaten there. 

Now John and I are just wrapping up a morning of studying at Panera, and getting ready for lunch.

Back to Veggie Grill? Yeah it's likely.

If you went to a restaurant multiple days in a row, which one would it be?

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