Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Welcome Home

Since graduation at the end of May, it's been a busy couple of weeks. We spent a little time saying goodbye in Loma Linda, and then packed up a big truck and said farewell to my hometown of the past four years.

We made the trek New Mexico, a drive we did in two days with a stop in Flagstaff, AZ with some invaluable help from John's mom. 

Then after one day of unpacking, I hopped on a plane to Oregon to see my last sister graduate from high school. She was a valedictorian and she's headed far away to the East Coast for college in the fall, and I'm very proud of her. 

EEEE congratulations Nicola!

We went on a gorgeous hometown run.

My sisters are way faster than me. 

The view from the house.

And Mom made vegan waffles. She's the best, thanks Mom. 

Following my weekend trip to Oregon, I returned to my new house in New Mexico and kept getting settled in. John's job started last week already, but I had a few extra days, so I'm finally feeling unpacked and ready to start work. I think I've had enough free time, I'm glad orientation starts tomorrow. 

Our house is a little older, but it's nice and I think we're going to be happy here. 

It hasn't been entirely flawless though. One of my first days here I was shaving my legs with a toe on the little soap ledge attached to the side of the shower. (Ladies know what I'm talking about, when I tried to describe the situation to John he didn't understand me.) Anyway I was not being forceful with it, but all of a sudden in the middle of my shower, the ledge along with all the surrounding tiles tumbled off of the wall and into the tub. The property management company is being good about fixing it, they're just replacing all the tile, so there's a guy named Ernesto and a lot of crazy hammering and crashing going on in my bathroom right now.

A run I took recently here. Those are the Sandia mountains and this is a long running/bike trail that's near our house. 

It's hard to know what's in store in the next three years (minimum) here, but I'm enjoying it one day at a time.

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