Saturday, September 21, 2013

Weekend Work


An alternative title for this post: I got peed on twice today.

Both of the babies we circumcised today peed on me. It's like they knew.

This weekend is one of those residency ones where you just work both days of the weekend and you get the blessing of a weekday off instead and you take it and enjoy your business hours and don't complain about not having part of your weekend off because this is life and it's beautiful the work that I get to do.

I'm in a sentimental mood.

Maybe it's because it's super late at night - I'm not sure why I'm not asleep. I didn't have any caffeine today so I can't explain it but I tried to sleep and I couldn't. I don't like to stay in bed when John's sleeping and I'm not because I worry that my awake-ness disturbs his rest so I tend to get up and read or get sucked into a YouTube hole for 3 hours at a time or whatever until I'm tired.

This evening I rewatched this from about 4 years ago. It's a documentary about students at my medical school from when I was a first year. I'm not really in it but lots of my friends are and I felt like it was a good reminder of how hard I've worked to get here. It made me more thankful.

I highly recommend it for pre-med students - it's not too long and an honest look at what it's like.

Anyway, because I'm working this weekend, I got Friday off this week and I wanted to share how I spent a regular day off:

1. I ate breakfast. Okay. Not new.

2. I stood in line at the Apple store on release day. I know, like a crazy. I shattered the screen on my 4S with one too many clumsy flights through the air and it really stopped working a couple days ago, so it was perfect timing.

The fingerprint scanner works just like it's supposed to and I love it. I think the new operating system is gorgeous, but all you have to do is upgrade your current iphone for that.

3. After a fair amount of shopping around and price comparison, I joined a gym. A separate post on that coming up.

4. I took our fur child to the dog park. Albuquerque has a fair number of these that are fenced so Luna can be off leash, get some exercise and hang out with some other dogs.

5. I did some studying. I just want to say that not because it's interesting but because I don't want anyone to think I'm having too much fun in residency. 

6. I figured out who to give some of my loan paperwork to. This may seem like a silly task, but it was stressing me out and with as much debt as I have, really anything to do with my loans freaks me out. 

7. I watched Maid in Manhattan. J-Lo at her most mushy-romantical. Exactly as I remembered it.

And today I went back to work in the Newborn Nursery. Healthy babies make me happy and I feel like it's work I can love. PICU was getting kind of dark there and I think I was really ready for this switch. After our last couple deaths I just wasn't feeling excited about work, so it's been really affirming to go to a different service this week and be reminded that PICU isn't everyone's life's work but I do still like this whole medicine thing.

P.S. It's FALL! I'm so excited.

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