Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Guess who's Birthday it was yesterday?

Happy Birthday husband! We just celebrated our one year anniversary at the beginning of last month and my life keeps getting better because of him.

I felt really guilty because coming off of night shifts (I'm done yay!) meant I slept through most of his birthday, much as I wanted to stay awake and make his day awesome. Fortunately, he's remarkably considerate and also good at enjoying time alone, so he claims it was still a good birthday. That doesn't keep me from hoping I'm working day shifts next year though.

Before I passed out though, we went out to breakfast. The place I originally picked to take him was surprisingly closed for all of Labor Day weekend, but we did get to walk around the grower's market. I tasted this red chile jam that was amazing. P.S. everything in new mexico has chiles in it. Everything. Like burgers, pizza, chocolate, everything.

So after a quick walk around the market we went to the Grove Cafe. I got oatmeal and he got pancakes that were actually crepes. And my coffee was decaf because I was about to go home and sleep.

After we got home at about 9 I fell asleep. Although I woke up to have some lunch, I then went back to sleep at like 2 and slept until it was time to go to dinner at 7.

What does an omnivore who's married to a vegan want to eat on his birthday?

Steak of course. 

We went to Marcello's, which is a nice chophouse in Uptown. He got the Chef Special Manhattan steak. Look how happy he looks. A man and his meat.

And here's another question: 

What does a vegan eat at a chophouse?

I'll tell you, I ended up too full. I order the Chopped salad, no cheese no meat, a baked potato without the toppings, and the seasonal vegetables made without butter.

Sorry for the low light. Everything was amazing. I put the veggies with the potato and the salad was really good. It had pine nuts and kalamata olives in with your standard salad ingredients. 

After that we came home, watched some TV, hung out with our fur baby and enjoyed some time together after this week of only seeing each other for 20 mins a day between me coming home and him leaving.

Happy Birthday Husband! I'm blessed to have you.

Also happy September and Vegan Month of Food! Get excited, it's going to be a great month.

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