Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Day in Food

The New Year transition in food:

New Year's Day was kind of weird. As I mentioned, our friends had to leave early. After a quick dog walk and goodbyes, I made some Buttermilk Pancakes for John and I. This is the 500 Vegan Recipes version with flaxseed for the egg replacer.

We pretty much hung out, cleaned a bit, watched TV. I did some yoga/calisthenics and before I knew it the middle of the day had arrived. 

For New Year's Eve dinner I had made this Penne Vodka from Veganomicon - Shannon you would love this and it's really easy. I use cashews instead of almonds because I think the creaminess is nicer. Also, I don't have an immersion blender so I just blend the nuts with a splash of water in the magic bullet until it's a cream and then add it in. The nice part about that is that then the tomatoes don't get as blended up and there's a little more chunkiness to it which I prefer. 

I made a double batch so we would have a lot of leftovers and we had it for lunch with some steamed broccoli.

For snack a little later was an apple.

I was still pretty hungry at 3ish, so we broke out some chips and salsa. This is the Sabra prepared guacamole, which is actually pretty ok for packaged dip, and the salsa is Monroe's, a local New Mexican restaurant. It's my favorite. 

After a fair few of those, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I suddenly could not keep my eyes open anymore.

So at 4 PM I fell asleep. At 11 PM I woke up and moved to the bed, and then slept until 4 this morning. 12 hours, no big deal.

It makes perfect sense actually. I'd been sleeping about 3-5 hours a night for the past several days because I was having such a hard time switching my body back over to days from my night shifts last week. Usually it's a little easier to get back to days because I have to go to work and I just end up exhausted and it only takes me a couple days. I think because of vacation days I just wasn't feeling pressured to be well-rested and didn't want to miss anything, so I was sleeping very little.

So I feel much better. I definitely needed it. 

That said, I woke up starving of course because I slept through dinner, so I started my day this morning with a banana at 4 AM. 

John has to work today so he's about to leave and I'm going to head out for a run with Luna. 

Not sure what else I'll do today, but I'm just really trying to appreciate it because tomorrow it's back to work for the next straight 15 days. I'm so grateful for these 5 days I had for New Year's, but it is that much harder to go back. 

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