Monday, June 30, 2014

Still Ok

I received a very nice comment a little while ago on my last post from 2 months ago reminding me that it had been a long time since I last wrote (and also that when we last spoke I was waking up with a bleeding nose).

I didn't mean to leave it like that, it just happened that I needed a break.

So let's talk.

In the past 2 months, here are some things:

1. I finished my intern year. I'm now a second year: I have more responsibility, I'm expected to know more and I have a supervisory role on some rotations. The most exciting part about this is just the fact that I actually survived my intern year. It has felt both longer and much shorter than a year at various points, but now Year 2 starts on Tuesday and I'm happy. For one of my early posts from intern year, see this post: "What It's Like to Be an Intern."

2. Kellie moved in with us. My sister in law Kellie is a recent college graduate and we've been fortunate enough to con her into moving in with us for the summer. It's so nice to see more of her and her boyfriend Jason and it's made our house that much more lively so far. 

A couple weeks ago I had to work while they went out to watch a World Cup game and they sent me these faces of sadness. Makes a girl feel included.

3. I bought a juicer. This is very exciting. I got this one: Omega VRT 350 HD. It's everything I wanted, and we bought the refurbished version to save about $100. The difference is about 3 years in warranty, but it's still a 7 year warranty, which is great. I've already used it quite a bit. I'll write a whole separate post about how I picked it/pros/cons and do some juice recipes later.

4. My nose stopped bleeding. It bears mentioning because it was happening at least daily and sometimes in the middle of the night when I last posted and maybe it's the swamp cooler putting more moisture in the air, I don't know but I'm glad. (The preferred cooling method here in New Mexico is the swamp cooler - draws super dry air through a film of water to cool it. It's very inexpensive compared to air conditioning.)

5. Dad and Nicola came to visit. They came for an intensive language school in Spanish. Unfortunately I was on nights and was only able to see them for a couple hours most of the days they were here but it was so nice to see them. 

6. John's Aunts Amy and Sally came to visit. Somehow I don't have any pictures - I think John does but he's at work and his phone is with him. It was really nice to have them here. One night they cooked and it was one of the best pasta dishes. I wasn't able to go with them on several of the adventures because I was either working or sleeping, but I hope they had a good time.

Also, in the course of cooking they noted a few deficits in my kitchen and very kindly bought a few things for me - so thanks so much.

7. I ate some good things. And here's some pictures:

Vegetable Pho

Out to Breakfast in Denver

Oatmeal at the Grove. I always substitute fresh berries instead of the dried - I think it tastes much better.

Tofu Scramble at Flying Star

Roasted Vegetable Salad at California Pizza Kitchen. The avocado really makes this.

And that's it - I have the rest of the day off and then my new elective starts tomorrow so today I have a few administrative things to take care of and I'm going to try to get tucked in for my week - laundry and maybe some leftovers for the fridge. 

Thanks for reading, see you soon. 

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