Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Neon Run San Diego

We spent last weekend in San Diego having a great time with some friends and John's parents.

Happy Birthday Arisa and Bradie!

Although it's never a bad idea to head to San Diego for the weekend, I had another particular reason to be there - The Neon Run. I thought it was really fun, there was plenty of paint.

There were some rumblings that things weren't quite right for the Phoenix one - too dark, not enough paint etc.

I'm told this race was an improvement, so that's great. It was still quite crowded, and I wished I'd known how few blacklights there would be, because I would have gone more "glow in the dark" with my attire. Most of the race we weren't really flourescent-ing. Still, people got really into it and it was cool to see all the wild neon costumes. We got our entrance with a Living Social deal.

I ran with two of my classmates - hi ladies!

We didn't stay long for the dance party at the end - mostly because we were super hungrypants. So instead we went and scared an IHOP. There were lots of other racers there, it was good to see I wasn't the only one with an Oompa Loompa face.

Note the beautiful bronze-y glow to my skin.

It's my first colored or dressed up 5k - most of the others I've done were simple ones just for charity. It was really fun and makes me want to find another wild one to run soon. 

I still have orange paint in my ear. Worth it. 

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