Friday, August 30, 2013

From Inside the Walls

It is 2.5 hours to the end of my shift. The respiratory kid we just got from the floor is comfy and the kid who jumped out a window is looking surprisingly good, so I'm keeping an eye out for the dictation I did a few hours ago - hoping it'll come in before I go home and sleep. If it doesn't I can edit from home when it pops up. The problem is that the day team may want the story earlier and may then listen to my dictation instead of waiting to read it. 

"the patient. Um. Physical exam. Um. Bleeding. Um. Oh wait. Go back. What comes next? Labs? I dont even know what we're doing for this kid. *long pause* oxygen."

Suffice it to say it's an embarrassing proposition having my colleagues listen to me stumble over the words of the medical history.

So here's some work sharing for you all:

The workroom. That tiny couch I love so much is there in the back. We don't really hang out here most of the time always, depending on our work. Sometimes it's much more efficient to sit out on the unit.

The coffee maker. Lifesaver.

The breakfast I'm looking forward to. Cereal with peach and strawberries.

The view of the medical campus as I walked home yesterday. My senior was really nice and sent me home an hour early so I made the journey before the sun came up. I thought I would get to see a little more of John but really it meant that I passed out early on the couch and woke up to him taking a picture of me.

And here's me right before I came to work tonight. Luna of course wanted to come over and not be left out. Sweet scrubs right? I did find one of the machines that lets you pick different top and bottom sizes so they fit me slightly better now. I know that pictures kind of distant, you can thank our weird propped up bedroom mirror for that. I'm not complaining though cause it really takes off the pounds.

Almost there, happy Friday!

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