Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Packing List for South America

Today I leave for 5 weeks in South America.

I'll be in Peru and Ecuador, mostly working but I also have some vacation at the end. 

I wanted my packing to be smart and compact, so I could easily carry everything between buses etc. if necessary, but also include everything I need for work, hiking, nights out, thunderstorms but also 90 degree weather. It's admittedly a little bit of a challenge.

It took me a couple tries and I had to make a couple tough cuts, but what's left I think will serve me well. In the end it all fits into a carry-on size suitcase and my Cynthia Rowley duffel-style shoulder bag. 

I've been making lots of lists:

Assembling all my items. At this point I'll admit I had some doubts about fitting it all into my intended luggage.

It took 2 tries: turns out laying the clothes flat really does take up less space than rolling. 
All packed up:

Working in South America Packing List

- Scrubs x2 sets
- Dresses x3 (appropriate for both work and going out)
- Warm vest
- Scarf x2 (one with a zipper pocket)
- Socks x7
- Underwear x10
- Bras x3 regular, x1 sports
- T-shirt (sleep/casual) x2
- Skirts x2
- Athletic shorts x1
- Dress shorts x1
- Layering black tank tops x3
- Swimsuit
- Athletic shirts x2
- Long sleeve shirts x2
- Sweater x1
- Fleece jacket
- Cardigan
- Leggings x2
- Jeans x1
- Gloves and hat

- Hiking boots (also double as supportive shoes for work in scrubs)
- Dress sandals
- Flat ankle boots for work/day use

- iPad
- iPhone
- Kindle
- Camera
- Adapter [all my devices are dual-voltage 110-240 V so I won't be needing a converter]
(with respective chargers)

- Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss
- Makeup
- Deodorant
- Comb
- Travel size perfume
- Visine
- Meds and vitamins, bandaids
- Chapstick
- Sunscreen
- Hair ties/pins
- Face wipes/sanitizer/hygiene products
- Razor
- Thin super-absorbent towel
- Small shampoo/conditioner/soap

- Water resistant watch
- Ring/earrings/necklaces x2 (inexpensive - I'm leaving my diamonds here)
- Day bag
- Sunglasses
- Camelbak

Work Items
- Stethoscope
- Otoscope with extra tips
- Alcohol swabs
- Notebook
- Pens
- Penlight
- Flash drive
- Badge

- ID/Passport
- Insurance card
- ATM card
- Gum
- Cash
- Money belt
- Sleep mask
- Headlamp
- Snacks

I take off in a few hours so I'm just checking and rechecking, saying goodbye to Luna and getting ready to go.

Thanks for reading, see you soon [from South America]!

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