Saturday, April 4, 2015

Welcome to Peru

Despite a few threats of flight delays I made it with no trouble to Coya, Peru where I'm currently staying until next week's adventure takes me to Ecuador.

The trip wasn't bad, though I didn't sleep much on my red eye and was certainly tired when I arrived. During my layover in Dallas I found a coveted chair AND outlet combination so I was able to work and stay busy until it was time to take off.

Landing in Cuzco.

It's Easter weekend, so there were lots of services and celebrations here. Lots of people's families came from Cuzco and other cities to be all together.

There's also plenty to do - this morning the lady I'm staying with here in the community woke me up at 7:30 because there were patients in her living room. I ended up seeing 7 before breakfast.

This is one of her grandchildren who was here for the Easter celebrations.

For Easter here they eat "the 12 plates" which I tackled with great ambition and did not successfully finish. It's literally 12 different plates of food - soups and appetizers and mains and salad and desserts. Everyone's been really accommodating when I say I'm vegetarian (I don't typically eat completely vegan when I travel internationally, especially when I'm staying in someone's home) - but honestly there was only one of the 12 plates I didn't at least try.

This morning we also took a walk up into the country. The last time I was here in Peru was 9 years ago and I had forgotten the natural beauty a little bit.

I'm now off to find some food and probably some more work.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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