Saturday, November 12, 2011

Quick Like a Bunny Update

Medical: I'm surviving OB/Gyn - night float last week. It was weird to be up all night and asleep most of the day. I delivered a couple babies. It was great. Also 2 placentas. Not as great. Actually terrifying.

Exercise: I'm running my first 5K tomorrow. It's the scene of my first half-marathon a year ago, but I've been swamped and haven't kept up more than a 6 mile-at-a-time base, so I decided to forego the all-out distance. I'm excited actually - it'll be the shortest race distance I've done. My (very reasonable) goal is under 29:27 - a 9:30 min/mile pace. My stoked-if-I-get-it goal is 27:54 - a 9:00 min/mile pace. Confession: I've spent the past several minutes doing those calculations and am not entirely certain they're correct, but I'll work with them. Catch babies? Check. Simple arithmetic? Still elusive.

Food: I made 3 different types of cookies today. I also made a chili with kale. I've been eating well and snapping pics and just haven't been writing. I promise I'm eating. Stay tuned.

Personal: Eh. Doing all right. Wedding planning progresses - pretty much done with our registry. I've missed writing because I think it helps me feel settled, but it's been ages and I'm frazzled.

Goal: I only had that one November goal. 10 minutes a day of quiet time. I'm actually failing it pretty awfully. I may need to rethink the timing and try to do it more first-thing.

And since I mentioned bunnies...

All right. Quick like a bunny! Back to your lives!

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