Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vegan Thanksgiving

I know, it's already Nov 27 and maybe you're getting out your Christmas decorations and dominated some Black Friday shopping and you're thinking, "What? Just now you're posting a Thanksgiving meal? That was ages ago."

And to that I say, fair question, and yes, I'm just now getting to it. I've been deeply immersed with my family in many games of Bananagrams and I am very okay with it. For Thanksgiving we had my immediate family (Mom, Dad, Sisters x3) plus my Dad's parents, and Aunt Karen, Uncle Bruce and their two little boys. It was great to spend it all together.

See? Family.






Thanksgiving Food

So when you're the only vegan at Thanksgiving, what do you eat? I think it varies by the person. Some of you in carnivorous households are probably stuck with salad and a potato you baked yourself, but my family's a blessing and I had a feast like nothing else. Almost everything on the table had a little vegan version for me.

Vegan Stuffing Balls - made with a flax egg instead of real. They were more crumbly than usual, but tasted great.

Mashed potatoes.

The whole wheat ones are from Great Harvest, they're vegan. 

Sweet potatoes with orange, lemon, sugar and cinnamon, made with Earth Balance instead of butter. 

Corn casserole with coconut milk. Cheese-topped except for the little close corner there for me. 

Veggies. Naturally vegan.

And don't forget the sparkly.

My actual plate: Roll, corn casserole, potato, stuffing ball, salad and sweet potatoes. I ate at least 3x that sweet potato amount and 2x the stuffing during cooking. 

Nicola: "Look! I'm on a roll."

Mom, Uncle Bruce, G-rents. 

My precious sisters.

Cute faces run in the family it seems. 

And dessert? 

Vegan versions of both Apple and Pumpkin Pie. With coconut milk vanilla ice cream. 

Left: Vegan. Right: Regular. You can tell that it doesn't hold together quite as well without egg, but it tasted great.

My dessert plate. Okay, I had like 3x this. I don't mess around with Thanksgiving. 

Happy [late] Thanksgiving all. 

How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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