Friday, November 4, 2011

Thrilling Friday Night

When my alarm goes off in the morning, there are two possibilities. I may jump out of bed without resetting the alarm and go about my morning, or I may reset it, reset it again, rationalize away my workout and drag myself out of bed a couple hours later. The thing is, when I don't get up right away, I'm never as rested even if I did spend extra time in bed. I try hard to just get up when I intended to, but today it just didn't happen.

However, it was a gorgeous rainy morning (the first rain in ages) and I felt much better than usual about staying in bed a little extra. I also painted my nails.

DIY French mani. Yeah those are sticky rhinestones on my little finger. I'm 14. 

Today was my last day on my eating disorder psychiatry elective. I attended for approximately 2 hours. I've really liked being there, but there were some comments made yesterday by one of the therapists that maybe our presence as students was overwhelming for the patients in therapy. I took that as an appropriate reason to be there less. I'm pretty okay with it. 

For breakfast I had homemade slow cooker pumpkin butter (made by Roomie Katie) on an english muffin with banana. It was awesome. I'm not sure what recipe she used, but it was spicy, sweet and made me feel like winter. 

I met up with my friend Tiffany in the afternoon for some mall-walking, coffee and catching up. She and I attended college and church together and she'll be in my wedding next summer, but she lives far away in Boston now and I miss her lots. Here's a classic photo from 2008: 

And in the evening? I sat in my house and waited for the UPS guy. I AM a party rocker. The important point here is why I was waiting for UPS. 


I've had the iphone 3G for over 2 years, without a software update and I can't even believe the difference. One of the first things I did was sort my apps into categories. All on 1 page:

Once I had it all set up I asked Siri to call my Fiance. It totally worked. I also asked her to turn off all my alarms for tomorrow. Also successful. I'm enjoying my weekend because Monday I start OB/Gyn with night float. 

Did you do something rocking with your Friday night?

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