Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

Highlights this week include a big weight gain, Mother's Day and some mood swings.

Bump: This week I'm wearing a Motherhood Maternity sweatshirt I've had since pretty early on. It's surprisingly cool today considering the 80 degree temperatures of the past week.

1. How far along are you? 

32 weeks

2. How big is baby? 

An squash or Florida pomelo. Estimated weight according to my app is 3.75 pounds. 

3. Total weight gain/loss

Finally time for an update! 

At my 32 week appointment last week I had gained 8 pounds since my previous one, or 20 pounds total. While the total weight gain is great, I was a little worried about that much gain in just 4 weeks, or 2 pounds a week. My weight gain pattern throughout this pregnancy has been a very small gain over 4 weeks, then a large gain at the following appointment over the next 4 weeks. Even though I knew this logically, it was maybe the first time in this whole pregnancy I'd really felt some negative body image. 

I haven't really talked yet about why I don't weigh myself between appointments. Some pregnancy resources mention you should weigh yourself every 1-2 weeks to make sure weight gain is healthy. It's fairly optional though and I choose to only be monitored at my doctor's appointments. As many of you likely know I've been unhealthfully preoccupied with weight at some points in the past. This has been much improved in the past 3 years, but I knew pregnancy was a time when those feelings might come back, between weight gain and rapid changes in my body. For that reason, I knew my body confidence and health would likely be best served by eating intuitively and letting my doctor watch my weight. 

I'm still extremely happy with this decision, and my doctor isn't worried about the recent gain. Some negativity lasted for about a day, and then I got over it. I think I was a little disappointed to find that the scale still could affect my mood like that, when I've been overall feeling beautiful and healthy. 

I'm trying to be reasonably conscious of what I'm eating and just wait to see how it looks at the 34 week appointment. If I need to make larger changes at that point to keep the weight gain healthy I will.

4. Purchases

I had to look back at my transactions because I couldn't remember this week. I didn't personally make any specific baby purchases, but we did get some new things.

We got Luna groomed, which is a gift to ourselves because it way cuts down the dog hair in the house, but it's not technically a baby/pregnancy purchase I guess.

John bought me this outfit for our baby as a gift. It's so cute.

5. Sleep

I'm experiencing a tiny bit more insomnia this week and more aches and pains. I'm definitely changing sleeping positions a lot more often because of that, but overall I'm getting enough rest.

6. Symptoms

I started swelling in the last half of this week occasionally in my hands and feet. I'm also still feeling the occasional reflux. It isn't really heartburn - it doesn't hurt - I can just feel the refluxing. Last night I fell asleep a little too soon after eating I think and woke up with that sensation about 3 hours later and had to sit up for a while. Pregnancy brain is also really strong this week. I'm mixing up words and at least twice I've taken my foot off the brake without putting my car in park and rolled into a curb while trying to stop. I've also noted the regular pregnancy clumsiness seems to have increased a bit. I broke a bowl this morning.

7. Rings on or off?

Off! Most of the time my hands are completely normal and the rings fit fine, but there were a couple instances when it seems like it might be hard to get them off, and I don't want to worry about that, so I took them off. It also makes it even easier to moisturize my itchy skin without worrying about getting lotions into my rings. 

8. Belly button in or out?

Flat? It's still somewhere in between.

9. Food cravings

Smoothies and vegetables. It's hot enough now I'm mostly wanting cold things. And I usually crave something sweet every day. 

10. Fitness

There were a couple days this week when I was planning to walk outside and the day crept up on me and got too hot, but mostly I've been doing a variety of gym, yoga and walking. I don't have specific goals for the coming week, I just want to keep being active every day. 

11. Feelings and Mood

Mostly the week was fine, but I had a super moody day on Friday. I was just feeling really overwhelmed and really just let it be a not-very-productive day. Once John got home for the day I felt better, and I've felt fine since, ready to tackle the coming week.

12. Pregnancy Perks and Snarks

See my Mother's Day post for a couple quick highlights from my (sort-of?) first Mother's Day. I hadn't really thought the day applied to me, but there have been happy wishes and presents and it's been really nice.

13. Best moment this week

John's been reading to me and my belly this week and I've been enjoying that time. It's relaxing and our baby usually moves while he's talking.

And that's it - thanks for reading my 32 week update, see you soon.

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