Monday, May 2, 2016

Week in Review: Housewife and Studying

I'm participating again this week in a weekly linkup over on Clean Eats, Fast Feets called Week in Review, so read on for the list of what I did this week.

It was a real mix of super productive and fun things - at the beginning we were traveling back from our Babymoon in Arizona to home and then I was still on vacation at home and had a lot of tasks to tackle but a lot of fun things to do as well. I never really get to be a housewife, so I gave it a shot this week.

Obviously you can't really read everything on this planner page from the photo, but it kept me organized and all the highlights are in the list below.

Week In Review

1. Drove back from Arizona to home in New Mexico.
2. Finished Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner (really liked it). 
3. Cleaned out my makeup storage to keep only products I actually use/want.
4. Made a meal plan, bought groceries (and stuck to it!).
5. Listened to some new podcasts. I enjoyed Death, Sex and Money (okay that title's kind of serious, but it's good).
6. Cleaned out inboxes: unsubscribed to lots of newsletters/ads, deleted old emails.
7. Had the heaters switched off and the swamp cooler switched on for the summer - and then had a freezing cold windstorm this weekend and regretted my decision a little.
8. Cleaned out a dresser drawer (okay it was a junk drawer) and a chest of drawers in my closet. I filled up a full paper bag with trash and another for donations.
9. Took Luna to the park for some Vitamin D.
10. Cleaned out my work purse.
11. Did online modules on safety and harrassment for my department that we have to do every year. Why do I need to do these again 2 months before I graduate?
12. Sent a Mother's Day gift.
13. Cleaned the fish tank.
14. Made a Boards study plan and unearthed my MedStudy books (I hadn't used them to study in a while).
15. Submitted the required forms for my current rotation, which helped me define my goals for the month and how I want to spend my time most effectively so I learn something.
16. Took a long walk around the golf course with Luna.
17. Went to a yoga class.
18. Had friends over to watch Game of Thrones
19. Got a Stitch Fix (post coming soon)

Here are some photos from the week:

31 weeks pregnant!

A photo of my wonderful husband/photographer


Taco Salad

Veggie Tofu stirfry

The clean fish tank (his name is Egbert)

My old half marathon medals (I took a picture because I got rid of them in the cleaning process)

Luna at the park

Don't forget to head over to the linkup to read the other blogs that are participating.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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