Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday: Test Day

This month's WIAW theme included a challenge to eat an extra serving of veggies each day. Jenn's post about it totally resonated - I've lost count of the number of PBJ sandwiches I've eaten in the past week. For me I find that the difference is often the rotation - if my food needs to be super portable (like pocket - PBJ) vs. fairly portable (purse +/- microwave) vs. something I can prepare and eat at home.

Since it's test week, all my meals can be made at home. And to be honest, I use elaborate recipes as the perfect study break, so I find I eat pretty well during test weeks. Unless I get super stressed and just destroy an entire box of cereal. Hasn't happened yet this time, but I did eat a full pint of chocolate peanut butter vegan ice cream last Thursday while studying EKGs. And that was totally worth it.

I have a test today - it's the one where we go see standardized patients, do an interview and physical exam, get videotaped and graded on not only the interaction, but the clinical decisions we make. It's at 10:15 am, and I wish it were earlier, because I hate just hanging out before a test. I'd much rather take all my tests at 6 am and never have to waste any of my day worrying about them. 

This morning, since I had such a late test start, I got up at 6 and went on a run. I originally intended to go for 4 or 5  miles or so, but I got out and realized that when I got back I was probably just going to sit and stress, so I decided to keep running a little farther. I headed into my 6 mile loop. It's the first time I've run it with my Garmin though, and surprise! it's 7 miles. 

I had no idea I could still run 7 miles, that's easily the farthest I've run since my mid-January half marathon.

And that brings us to the food:

Pre-Breakfast Post-Workout: Smoothie. 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup soymilk, 4 g vanilla vegan protein powder, 4 frozen raspberries, blended in the magic bullet short cup.

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal. 1/2 cup oats, 5 oz. soymilk, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp TJ's organic crunchy peanut butter. I eat this most days and really never get sick of it. 

Morning Snack: Carrot Chips. This is where I chose to make my swap for the challenge. Normally my morning snack is a bar or almonds and raisins, but today I ate a cup of carrot chips instead. That's not going to improve my orange-tinged hands any, but it tasted perfect. 

Lunch: Mama Thai's Pineapple Stirfry (from Peas & Thank You). I made this on Monday and I've really been enjoying the leftovers with quinoa. 

Afternoon Snack: Orange.

Dinner: Tofu Ricotta Gnocchi (also Peas & Thank You). I thawed this from the freezer from a little while ago, and this is a recycled picture from the original cooking adventure. If possible, it's even better leftover. 

Dessert: Frozen berries. 

I'm about to go take my test.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! 

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