Sunday, April 8, 2012

What A Weekend

Happy Easter! I hope you found some hope in the Resurrection today.

John and I were Facetiming last week and this is what was behind him. I literally wasn't sure it was real. 

Having completed a rather difficult test on Friday - the Internal Medicine mock board is rough - I left for the blue skies of Irvine for the weekend, and turns out it really looks like that.

Our weekend was pretty full up with the relaxing things.


Farmer's Market.


Man-made Woodbridge Lake. 

We hung out in a Barnes & Noble.

Okay I try not to be judgy - but this is a real book. A REAL BOOK about crafts you can make out of your cat's hair. I don't even know where to start.


Champagne's Bistro Oatmeal Breakfast Date. 

Veggie Grill's new Crispy Chick'n Plate. Pretty great. 

And for Easter we went to a service and then to brunch with John's family.

Of course I had too much fun to take pictures, but it was great. I always miss my family when I'm not home on Easter but I'm feeling more and more a part of the family with my future in-laws. 

Happy Easter! Blessings everyone. 

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