Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Home at Sunrise

The sun had just finished rising when I was walking home this morning.

I put on some music and walked home quick so I could see John for my 20-30 mins for the day. It was pretty out and still cool.

I was totally starving and grabbed a big bowl of cereal with peaches and strawberries and then I was completely passed out by 7:30 AM. I did a better job of day sleeping today and even though Luna did her best to wake me up, I managed to sleep until 2. 

I think maybe that's enough sleep since I was able to nap overnight in the workroom for a couple hours. 
If you're thinking, "Are those really big books or is that a really tiny couch?" The answer is it's a tiny couch. There's a call room with a bed but there's more than one of us residents on so one of us gets the couch in the workroom.

I'm an average height girl, so I can perfectly bend my knees over the armrest and it's a reasonably comfortable sleep for about 2 hours. Longer than that though and it's not really worth it. So if you add it all up, that's like 8 hours of sleep. A little broken up, but still I feel pretty okay.

Before going in tonight I had a big Asian salad with edamame, cabbage, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, cilantro.

Eating overnight is a whole other post. I never really know if I'm hungry or what but it's a good idea to have a meal at like 4 before I go because sometimes the work starts right away and we don't really have everything tucked in to eat dinner for a few hours.

Time to go put on some scrubs and get some coffee. Happy Wednesday!

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