Sunday, August 18, 2013


This past week I've been on vacation. Although I've only been a Resident for 2 months, I was pretty ready for a break and it was an amazing week. We went to Oregon and Washington for a reunion with friends and got to see my family as well. Unfortunately taking a break this early means I have no other breaks until New Year's. Still, worth it.

A huge thanks to all my friends and family for making my break so great.

Oregon is my homeland and while I'm getting used to my new life in the New Mexican landscape, coming home to so much beauty and friends and family makes it really hard to come back. 

We hiked in the Columbia Gorge, went swimming in waterfalls, went to Downtown Portland, over to Seaside, and spent a lot of time being together and enjoying our time. 

We went blackberry picking and made some homemade pie.

Lunchtime at the Brewery in Seaside.

Lackamas Lake

I jumped in and it was pretty icy.

Line around the corner for ice cream.

John made this photoset about a Pop Tart ice cream sandwich that they tried. Is this something people like?

The perfect overcast Oregon Coast.

Miss you all so much!

Now I'm back in Albuquerque. John and I have really been trying to enjoy the weekend and while we've been getting ready for the week, we're also trying to pretend it's still vacation. Yesterday we went to this used bookstore in Downtown. There were books everywhere. It was awesome.

Work starts again tomorrow and on Tuesday I transition from clinic to the pediatric intensive care unit. 

For the moment though, my dog Luna is sitting here with me, John is still asleep and I have one last vacation day ahead of me.

Photo Credits in this post: Eric & Arisa Conwell, John

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