Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lunch Date

On Monday I switch to a new location for my rotation, so I'm in my last days at the veteran's hospital. Tomorrow I end the rotation with call, but today I unexpectedly got out of work before lunch time and met up for some Japanese food with my future husband.

Miso soup and salad to start.

He's super prepared to protect me with these vicious chopstick weapons. 

I ordered the Veggie Combo: 8 piece veggie roll, 2 pieces seaweed sushi, and 2 pieces Inuri (favorite). I'd never had Inuri before - it's the brown one. They sort of look like egg roll wrappers but it's actually seasoned super-thin tofu around rice. 

With the soup and salad I ended up full with 6 of the veggie rolls left, so I saved them for lunch tomorrow.

Next up John and I jay-walked from the restaurant parking lot over to Costco for some berries, bell peppers, cooked brown rice and EVOO.

And in the afternoon we did yoga in the park under the powerlines.

Lately we've been going on free afternoons over to this area and doing yoga from my All-in Yoga app. We usually hit it close to sunset and it's really pretty. 

And now we're watching The Bucket List which I'm frankly finding kind of boring, but at least relaxing, and resting up for my last day at the VA and then the switch to my new (rougher) location. 

Don't forget to Spring Forward!

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