Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tofu Ricotta Gnocchi - from Peas & Thank You

Today I got home from my last day at VA inpatient just in time to make dinner with John. Last night we had planned to make the Tofu Ricotta Gnocchi, but when it came time for it we weren't really that up for cooking, so we put it off to tonight. I'm working my way through all the recipes in the cookbook for my 25 by 25 list, so here's another one from it.

The recipe is kind of interesting, because it's gnocchi-like in style and process, but doesn't actually have potato in it. It's actually a tofu/vegan cream cheese/flour/seasoning mix.

I wasn't sure I got the consistency of the dough quite right, but I added some extra flour as I was rolling it out until it wasn't too sticky.

Rolling it out to about the length of the cutting board and then slicing made piece just the right side. I tried to make the little gnocchi marks with a fork, but that worked out better for some than others. Some were too sticky and the fork sort of tore them. More flour pretty much solved it. 

We also ended up cooking them a few minutes longer than the recipe called for because they seemed too soft when we first tried them.

And we served them up with steamed veggies, the Peas & Thank You tomato sauce and topped it all with nooch.

The best part was actually the tomato sauce for sure. The gnocchi tasted great, but I just didn't love the texture - still too far on the soft side. I think though that anything topped with this sauce would be awesome and I'll definitely be enjoying the leftovers later. 

Tomorrow it's off to Riverside. People also call it "hell" or "the jungle." I can do anything for three weeks right?

What's your stance on soft gnocchi? 

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