Friday, March 30, 2012

Thai Veggie Burgers from Peas & Thank You

After my review of Hunger for Change this morning, I just really wanted a pile of vegetables for lunch, but a body needs more than raw lettuce, so I was pretty excited to realize I had some of Mama Pea's Thai Veggie Burgers in my freezer.

John and I made them a little while ago and ate them burger-style complete with pineapple slices:

The ingredients are pretty simple, but these come together really well. The main substance comes from oats and garbanzos. I thought they were really good - but I've come to expect Mama Pea to pretty much blow me away and they kind of just reminded me of nice baked hummus. The texture was a little on the soft side, though maybe that was the fault of my frying. So my verdict was just okay. 

That is until today when I put one on a salad:

It just needed a little something extra and I think pairing it with a generous drizzle of Asian dressing brought it up to my expectations. 

And if you're thinking this looks suspiciously like a mixing bowl, you're correct. When it comes to salad, we don't mess around here. 

There's still one burger in my fridge that I'm planning to pack up like this salad-style and take with me for lunch tomorrow. 

Meanwhile I'm counting down already - just two more days of wards, 1 week of tests and Internal Medicine
is officially behind me.

Unless I have to repeat it.

Remember this morning when I said I was going to go study?

I did. I just obviously stopped again. Since I'm writing.

I swear I'll go back to work soon.

Can I tell you something I learned?

Can I?

Yeah I'm trying to think of something I learned...

Here we go: Crohn's disease is granulomatous. Celiac is not, so you can use that information when you're differentiating them, among other things.

Also S1Q3 for posterior hemiblock. Do these words not mean anything to you? Yeah me either.

I feel like I need another veggie burger.

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