Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vegan Mac & Cheese from Peas & Thank You

I've been feeling like I'm on the brink of illness. It could really go either way. First I feel a little feverish and like my throat and head kind of hurt, and then I feel okay within a couple hours, so I'm sucking down the tea, slacking on exercise and making comfort food.

#25 of my 25 by 25 list is to cook all the recipes in one of my cookbooks. Am I going to completely hate Peas & Thank You by the time I'm done? We'll see. Mama Pea hasn't really failed me yet.

Tonight's dish was Lulu's Mac & Cheese. I followed the recipe exactly in terms of ingredients. Complete with 8 oz. of Daiya cheddar, which I've never used before. It does a pretty fair job as vegan cheese goes, but I still prefer nooch for most things.

The changes I made included cutting the pasta by a couple ounces and replacing it with 3 steamed crowns of broccoli (because you know I can't restrain myself from adding veggies) and some Linketts that I browned in a frying pan before stirring it all together. Also I used penne noodles. Nothing against macaroni noodles, I love them, I just didn't have any.

The verdict? Completely awesome. It's very cheesy - it could probably have even handled even more veggies and been all right, but I liked it really well in this exact ratio. The recipe made probably 4-5 good sized bowls and if possible I can tell you it was even better as leftovers.

Or maybe it just tasted better because my head couldn't decide if I'm sick or not and all I wanted to do was lie on a couch and watch Ghost Whisperer on Ion. Yeah that's one of 2 channels we get.

Instead of Ghost Whisperer though, I hung out with my EKG book and my question bank again. I'm starting to get stressed about nearing the end of this medicine rotation and not knowing nearly enough. It's rough to end on an inpatient rotation with pretty long hours too - makes me a tired whiner. Someone tell me to suck it up and study.

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Heather @ Better With Veggies said...

That's my favorite Mac n cheese recipe!! My hubby lives it too and it is so easy to add yummy veggies (like you did) to make it even better. YUM!!

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