Friday, March 30, 2012

Veganomicon Mole Skillet Pie with Greens

It's been a little while since I last reviewed a Veganomicon recipe, but the book is still pretty much my favorite.

John and I decided to make something new for dinner on my day off last Sunday, and this was one I'd bookmarked but hadn't yet gotten around to.

Basically a chile chocolate mole sauce gets combined with cooked veggies and beans and topped with a fluffy cornbread crust.

In a word, awesome.

Pretty much any time I can individually portion something from the beginning, I love it, so we made this recipe in ramekins instead of an actual skillet. It's not going to stop me from calling it skillet pie. We were also rather unexpectedly all out of baking powder so we found that the baking soda/cream of tartar substitute works great, in case you were wondering. I forget the ratio exactly. That's googleable.

The recipe only uses 1 cup of mole sauce, so I have an enormous batch in the freezer now. Not sure what to do with it...but I'll find something. The book suggests you could use it instead of enchilada sauce, or top tacos with it. Never having had any mole ever in my life, I don't really know how it would be best, but I can tell you it seems very versatile. It's spiced but very mildly sweet.

Ratio-wise, we probably could have made 5 little ramekins pies with the amount in the recipe, but since we have 4 ramekins, I just filled each and split the crust between them. There was some leftover filling but we just ate it like an appetizer with chips.

And the best part? I think they were even better as leftovers. I have one more for dinner and I'm pretty excited about it.

One big pie or little individual portions? And what should I do with my extra mole sauce?

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