Monday, March 5, 2012

Post-Call and Day Off

I finished my long-teased 25 by 25 page - check it out for the things I'm working on before my birthday this year. It also explains the two Peas & Thank You recipes in this post - #25 is cook all the recipes in one of my cookbooks. 

Today was my only complete day off in this three week block. I have three total but the other two I had to go in for at least a little class. I tried to keep it a little productive. Worked on a paper, read about the liver and the lungs, but also it was kind of fun.

Yesterday I was post-call, which just means the day after you've been on call and are therefore at least a little sleep deprived. On-call days are longer than regular - if it's overnight it could be 30 hours, but most of the time for us students they're like 18 hour days.

Really it's just an excuse to rock your wrinkled scrubs, smudge your mascara, down an extra cup of coffee and walk around with your eyes 3/4 open. People see the scrubs and say, "Oh hey are you on call?" And you say, "No, post-call." Meaning, "Yeah, that means I have an excuse for looking like this." It doesn't give me an excuse for my rough face all the other days, but at least every few days I have it.

It's also an excuse to eat this - Overnight Oats in Jar. In the mix: Milk, chia seeds, oats, leftover peanut butter scraps, maple syrup. And 1/2 a banana added in the morning. Being able to just pull my breakfast out of the fridge the morning after call was so nice.

After we got done with all our rounds and discharge workup, we were able to go home for some needed rest.

First I picked up some veggies at the Sunday farmer's market:

Then John and I went on lunch date to a new place: Thai Kitchen in Grand Terrace. I got the Cashew Tofu with brown rice:

And finished off lunch with the last of the Call Brownies ("Call" anything = baked goods I make and take with me when we're on call for my team) I made the Peas & Thank You recipe, but added a 1/2 cup of walnuts.

And then today, DAY OFF! I slept in until 7. It was nuts. 

For my day-off breakfast, I made Peas & Thank You French Toast with Ezekiel bread and a berry sauce for John and I. It's impressive the way somehow this recipe mimics that eggy batter without the eggs. John's fave breakfast is still oatmeal, but this was pretty tolerable.

And we also did some yoga under the powerlines, where there's some nice grass. I went on a run and realized just a couple blocks in that I was already thirsty and it was 80 degrees outside. I was pretty thirsty when I got back.

"Yoga Bawss."

John doesn't let me spell "boss" the normal way anymore. 

And tomorrow it's back to work as usual. 

Internal Medicine's almost half over and I feel like I need to step up my study game, but I'm also learning a lot on the wards. 

If you were on call, what baked goods would you want someone to bring?

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