Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daylight Savings Time and 27 in Real Life

Happy November.

Twice a year all the states except those weirdos in Arizona and Hawaii change time and this time of year is the good one. The one where we gain an hour and it feels easy to wake up in the morning and we're tired nice and early and every one is happy. Or at least more happy than at the springtime change.

I like the extra light and all, but this year I had arguably the worst shift of the whole year: as scheduled a 24 hour PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit - the sickest kids in the hospital) shift. Which became 25 hours because of the time change overnight.

It really wasn't a bad shift at all, considering how PICU can be, but I still definitely feel like I earned my day off for the week.

I slept for 3 or 4 hours Sunday morning after I got home. I'm really not sure - I told John to wake me up after 4 hours but I'm still confused about when he actually woke me up because we had only about half our clocks changed.

So since it's a new month and it's been busy I thought I'd just give some real life updates.

My 27th birthday was last week and I had the day off (because I'd worked another 24 hour shift over the weekend) so I tried to make the most of it. I went out with some friends the night before, and on my birthday here's what I did:

I slept in a little and John made me Vegan Pear Cinnamon pancakes. I also got my birthday present which was a perfect Camelbak.

Luna and I took a walk. 

Walk selfie. John makes fun of me because I wear my enormous headphones but they work as both headband and audio so what's wrong with that?

I stopped by Barnes & Noble and did some other shopping.

Yoga and Gilmore Girls.

This "Winter Ski Resort" candle smells so good.

Played some Settlers on the iPad.

I met John for lunch and we went to Chipotle. Then he took a half day and we went on an adventure. 

The Cave at Tent Rocks.

The canyon was the coolest part.

The view from the top featuring my new Camelbak.

After this my phone battery died. We went to the Santa Fe Brewing Company and then to The Shed, a nice New Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe. Here's a couple pictures courtesy of John: 

Calabacitas with the Blue Corn Burritos

Entrance to The Shed.

My week was pretty full up of work after this, though we did have time to dress up as Bob and Linda from Bob's burgers for Halloween and pass out some candy with a friend. 

I hope your October was great, Happy Halloween, may you have the best November.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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