Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dad is the Best

My Dad is the best.

He came to visit me last weekend, just for fun, and showered me with food and love and that feeling you get that things will be okay because your Dad cares about you. I live in Southern California, and my parents live in Oregon. Even though I've been out of the house for 7 years, I still sometimes just really want to visit and I always miss my family.

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo. This meal sent me into such a food coma, I napped for like 3 hours. And Dad let me. See? Dad's the best.

He also helped me take my car in for an oil change and bought me Trader Joe's presents. As all of us quasi-independent students know, it's this kind of help that just makes things so much easier.

We also took a trip up to the wedding site, which made me a little startled about the fact that I'm getting married in less than 3 months. And stopped in Sherman Oaks for vegan asian food. I've never been to Sherman Oaks. I can't tell you anything about it except that this place, veSTATION, was pretty good. I saved the other half of both our meals for dinners this week.

We hung out, watched some TV, talked a while.

And then too quickly it was time for Dad to go home, but I was really blessed to have the visit. Thanks Dad!

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