Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Promised Myself I Would

I promised myself I would blog today, but I'm about to fall asleep. I promised myself a lot today actually and some of it got done and some of it was modified so I could still cross it off my list. 

The following was the list I made this morning. Strikethrough means it happened.

What it would take for today to feel like a good day
Go to work
Finish CV
Submit applications to at least 1 away program
Send CV to Dr. X
Email Dr. Y requesting letter
Email Dr. Z requesting letter
Send CV to Dr. Z
Pretest Neuro 100 q's
Finish uworld neuro
Review Complete neuro exam x1 - the neuro way in the syllabus
Review Complete physical exam x1
Email Dad
Call Mom

Most of what I accomplished were things that have been hanging over my head for days or weeks, and it does feel like a huge relief to have them done. Unfortunately the biggest studying assignment I gave myself (the 100 Neurology questions) did not get finished. Test on Friday - that one's rising in priority. 

And Mom you can see you were on my list. I love you. I'll probably not have time to call tomorrow either. But you're on the list. 

At the moment I've told John I'm running one more time through the Neuro exam before I go to sleep, and that's true, but I also just really wanted to write. I think because I've done so much today that was drudgery types of important things that I find overwhelming and stressful until I get them done. Then I think, "Oh that wasn't really that bad." But it's left me feeling drained. And every time I check something off it seems like that just moves me to the next stage where there's even more to do. 

I'm overwhelmed.

But my weekend in Oceanside can be summed up with this photo, taken by my friend Drew.

I got to see several good friends as well as meet some new ones. It felt kind of like a dream. And they even let me practice my physical exam on them so hopefully I'm ready for the tests I have starting tomorrow. 

And happy May Day!

I want to set some May goals. 

Maybe just one: get more sleep. I'm feeling kind of run down despite being on outpatient right now. 

And on that note, good night. 

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