Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Goals and Disorganization

Petroglyph National Park

I could not tell you where my head is lately. I accidentally took home a delivery pager last week, then after I had come back home I realized I had left my stethoscope in the unit too and had to go get it before clinic, so that was twice to the NICU on my morning off.

I totally forgot about one of clinic dictations - I swear I was going through the papers in order but one must have been stuck together because I checked and I was missing a note for one of my kids, which is bad form because it's very important to document in a timely manner in case they come back to clinic or the hospital. I hate that slacker unprofessional feeling even though it was an accident.

Yesterday I forgot to eat lunch, I kept thinking I'd get to it and then it was practically time for the day to end.

And we're a week into April and I still haven't written this post. So there we are.

In my March Goals post I wrote about how I've been trying to limit my lofty goals and keep things within reason.

Here's my April Goals brainstorming:

In March I focused on water and talking to my family. It went pretty well and I realized how much better I could feel when I'm better hydrated. I'd like to continue both those goals but for April I've picked two new ones.

April Goals

1. Fitness: 10 minutes of physical activity every day. When I write it down it feels like nothing, compared to how active I used to be, but this is a very busy rotation and I wanted a goal that was realistic. So far I've been doing yoga for 10 minutes every morning and it at least helps me wake up and stretch out a bit. 

2. Spiritual: I use the YouVersion Bible app. In order to simplify my quiet time I just have a goal to read the verse of the day and pray in the morning. It's been less of a habit lately than I'd like but improved over the past week. For example: here's today.

The other sort of unspoken goal is to make good use of the small amount of free time I have this month. Today we went to the Petroglyphs, which are historic drawings from the Pueblo tribes in this area as old as 1300. It was nice out but pretty windy.

There were some pretty desert flowers blooming.

Luna enjoyed it.

And she loves the car.

Afterward we stopped at Squeezed, our local juice bar and I got a Liquid Sunshine, which is orange, apple, kale, lemon and ginger. It was so good and I was again reminded that I really want to buy a juicer. 

What are your goals this month? And what juicers would you all recommend?

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