Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WIAW: Update Time!

What I Ate Wednesday!
Thanks to Jenn for organizing and this week thank you to Meghan for hosting.

Before we get to the food, I've been a little radio silent so here's a few quick updates:

A little while ago we went to Telluride for a wedding and it was just gorgeous. We took the gondola and a snowcat up to the ranch, it was beautiful, we just had a great time.

Congrats Megan and Eli!

I moved back from Los Alamos a little over a week ago - overall it was a very positive experience, I think I learned a lot both medically and about how a smaller practice in a small town would work. 

I got sick again with a cold, so that was thrilling. Lots of bloody noses.

I then started in urgent care where I've been working the past week. It's tiring, but I do like the outpatient side much more and I'm having fun now that I've started recovering from the cold. 

I only have a couple weeks left before I leave for another rotation in South America for 5 weeks. 

This is a very busy spring.

I'm trying to stay fueled, so now on the food:

Breakfast: Banana mango ice cream smoothie. The weather has turned a little warmer and for once you're not seeing another picture of my beloved avocado toast. I'm still eating plenty of that, but I've also rotated in the return of various frozen banana based blends. This one has banana, frozen mango and almond milk.

Lunch: This picture is actually from a meal we had during the wedding weekend in Telluride, but I've been eating similar pasta/salad combos this week. This one is just a simple tomato/garlic/herb based sauce and salad with balsamic.

Dinner: Cereal and a plum. There have been really busy nights in the urgent care, and the late clinic shift means I leave after 9 PM and don't usually eat before that, so sometimes some fruit and cereal is as creative as I can muster for dinner. This is the Kashi Cinnamon Harvest with a sliced plum.

I also had a couple pieces of cinnamon candy from the urgent care candy stash.

I hope you'll share what you ate this Wednesday, and look out soon for a new product review I'm really excited about. 

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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