Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Faves 4/15/16

Happy Friday! 

It's tax day, not one of my favorites (we've owed the past couple years) but here are some favorites.

1. Things My Sisters Say: A couple weeks ago I got some precious pet photos from my sisters via the magic of the cell phone, so here's a little roundup of the family pets.

Dobby [Shannon]

Lucy [Emma]

Penny [Nicola]

Luna [me]

This is an older picture - Chaucer [Mom and Dad]

2. Music: This song is from 2011 but that doesn't mean I can't love it today. The Head and the Heart: Lost in My Mind


3. Snack or Meal: Sometimes you're just in the mood for a classic veggie burger. This one has lettuce, tomato, pickle, avocado and vegenaise on a whole wheat bun. 

Look how happy John looks...actually that might be the beer.

4. Lifestyle and Beauty: I'm so sad it took me all the way until pregnancy to try using this. Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. This is how I've finally fixed the dry skin on my face. I didn't like the scent of the "face oil" - kind of rose/floral. The regular one is still great for the face though and hasn't caused any breakouts - it's just enough to moisturize my crazy dry New Mexico dwelling skin. It rubs in easily, smells like chocolate and is super inexpensive so I can slather it everywhere including my ever-expanding stomach.

5. Recipe: Chocolate Covered Katie Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie Cheesecake. Mint, cheesecake, cookies? Another window into my pregnancy cravings.

[Photo property of Chocolate Covered Katie]

Happy weekend!

Thanks for reading, see you soon.


Bianca said...

OOoh, I must try that oil. My skin is so dry, like it literally flakes off my face. It usually only gets that way in the winter and lets up in the spring. But not this year. The older I get, the worse it gets. Ugh. Thanks for the tip!

Shannon said...

AHHH we have so many is awesome

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