Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

It still feels like there's a long time left, but I'm about 3/4 of the way there. We took a childbirth class through the hospital this weekend (which was not that useful except to reassure us that we know what we're supposed to know already) but it did make it seem very real. 

Bump: In this week's photo I'm wearing a Motherhood Maternity dress. My mom actually got this one for me as a present when I was only 12 weeks along (Christmas) and it's worked great at every stage. 

1. How far along are you? 

29 weeks

2. How big is baby? 

An acorn squash. Estimated weight according to my app is 2.5 pounds.

3. Total weight gain/loss

As usual I'll have my next update on this at my next appointment - which won't be until 32 weeks. As of my 28 week appointment last week I had gained 12 pounds total.

4. Purchases

I spent lots of money this week on completely non-pregnancy/baby related things. I submitted my DEA application which is $700+ and a few other necessary business-related things like that. We did a lot of research this week on some important baby products (carriers, car seat, stroller) but we haven't bought them yet.

5. Sleep

I was pretty much recovered from my cold by Friday (I got 2 colds lasting about a week each 4 days apart), so my sleep improved a ton as soon as I stopped coughing so much. It also helped that I moved back to my bed from the guest room. I just really have a lot of strange dreams, but I still wake up feeling rested.

6. Symptoms

I have strange dreams as I mentioned above. I've also started getting round ligament pain (a sharp pain in my sides) just occasionally when I walk. I'm itchier than before, which I'm just dealing with by moisturizing which helps. Also, my skin seems less dry but I'm thirstier than ever. I feel like I cannot drink enough water.

7. Rings on or off?

Still on (though again, not wearing them during the week because of the NICU.)

8. Belly button in or out?

It's starting to flip outward on the top, but still mostly in.

9. Food cravings

This week I was craving vegetables. For my favorite meal this week I made a seitan salad (recipe in Salad Samurai) and put it in a whole wheat pita. The dressing is a homemade cashew-based ranch and I put a lot of basil in it. 

10. Fitness

As I mentioned above, I've only been feeling healthy for a couple days. I'm doing a little more yoga and squats and of course Luna and I go on walks. I'm hoping to ramp up the intensity a little this week if can just (please please) stay healthy. 

11. Feelings and Mood

I cry easily but usually it passes quickly - sometimes it's just at a commercial or TV show or something stupid, and sometimes it'll be something happening that just seems to bring several days worth of worries all together. I don't think I'm moody or hard to be around in general though (at least I hope not - you'd have to ask John.) In general I'm just counting. the. days. down. I have 1 week left of regular residency rotation. I finish the year on research and reading months, so I'm just counting down until Friday. This Friday. I will still have my regular continuity clinic after that, but the rest of my time will be self-structured and I can't wait. Also we're going on our little Babymoon to Arizona once I finish this week, so I'm really looking forward to that. 

12. Pregnancy Perks and Snarks

Up until this week, this section has just been Pregnancy Perks, but I've run out of positive ideas for the moment so I thought I'd share some negatives. 

This week, I just want to share the most unflattering maternity outfit possible: unisex scrubs. I wear scrubs for the NICU because we go to operating room and delivery rooms for deliveries, and they are not that flattering to start with but I feel like it's even worse now. You would also think they would be comfortable at least, but the pants are not elastic and are not designed to accommodate a bump. I tie them underneath but it's a constant battle between too tight and tight enough that they don't fall down.

I only have a week left of the rotation though, and then I can be back in clothes I like.

13. Best moment this week

The best moment of my week wasn't really my moment but it was still the best. John has been studying for a while for the Professional Engineering exam and this week he finally got to get it over with. He was pretty excited about having it done and this weekend felt like a celebration.

And that's it - thanks for reading my 29 week update, see you soon.

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