Monday, April 25, 2016

Week in Review: Babymoon

I'm participating again this week in a weekly linkup over on Clean Eats, Fast Feets called Week in Review. It's basically a chance to share what's gone on in the week in list form. The author of that blog just had a baby, so head on over to check out the other blogs and congratulate her!

This week a number of exciting things happened, most particularly because we're on a Babymoon.

Week In Review

1. Got my DEA number! It's $731 to apply for a DEA number. Becoming a legit doctor is so expensive.
2. Worked my last clinical day of residency (2 months of self-directed rotations to go).
3. Wore UNM scrubs for maybe the last time? I mean I could wear them again, but I don't need to, and that's exciting.
4. Drove 6 hours to Scottsdale, Arizona for a resort vacation long weekend.
5. Ate at about 7 new restaurants while on vacation.
6. Relaxed by the pool and floated in the lazy river.
7. Wore a bikini while 30 weeks pregnant. 
8. Went to the Desert Botanical Garden.
9. Walked around IKEA for some thoughts about furniture for when we move in a few months.
10. Was totally surprised to find a Warby Parker store at the shopping complex across from the resort and got my sunglasses adjusted. They've been falling off my face for months and I was nervous about entrusting them to just anyone to get fixed, but now they're perfect. The woman working there asked how long ago I had bought them because she'd never seen the style I had before. It's been discontinued. It has been close to 4 years I guess. They hold up really well.
11. Drank a Shirley Temple for the first time in years.
12. Got a pregnancy massage (my second of the pregnancy, hoping to budget for one more before we're done).
13. Watched cable TV in a hotel room, which always makes me feel like I'm on vacation.
14. Started Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner on my Kindle. It's pregnancy/new baby/relationship-focused and I'm about 25% into it and I'm really enjoying it.  

Here are some photos from the week:

Coconut smoothie by the pool

View from our hotel room

On the drive from New Mexico to Phoenix

Desert Roots Kitchen

Warby Parker Store

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden

Overall I had a very nice vacation and am looking forward to tackling some serious studying and other productive things in the coming week.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.


Shannon said...

When I was in baltimore I was thinking about how to make my work trip feel more like a vacation. Answer = watch some cable TV in a hotel room. Nothing says vacation like flipping through far too many channels.

Kate @ Kate Lives Healthy said...

When I lived in Phoenix I loved going for lunch to Desert Roots Kitchen in Tempe. The staff and food are wonderful. Sounds like you had a great trip!

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