Monday, April 25, 2016

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

I really try to get up at least one non-pregnancy post each week, but this week I was unsuccessful. Fortunately it's mostly my friends and family reading you don't mind back to back pregnancy posts right? It's going up a little late this week because I'm on vacation and have just really been enjoying that. We're on a babymoon of sorts, a long weekend at a resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bump: This week's photo was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and the dress is from this Stitch Fix

1. How far along are you? 

30 weeks

2. How big is baby? 

A zucchini or a summer cantaloupe. Estimated weight according to my app is 2.89 pounds. Someone asked me this week if I had a basketball under there.

3. Total weight gain/loss

As usual I'll have my next update on this at my next appointment - which won't be until 32 weeks. As of my 28 week appointment I had gained 12 pounds total.

4. Purchases

I bought some shorts and a shirt from H&M in preparation for the trip to Arizona this weekend. I also bought my first nursing-style bra (which I've been wearing every day because it's also impossibly comfortable) and a tank top. That brings my short sleeve top count to 3, and my tank top count to 2 not including workout wear. I'm so far along now I'm trying not to buy more than I need, but the weather's turning hot so I'm needing different items than I did a few months ago.

5. Sleep

I wake up to pee of course, usually 2-4 times a night, and my dreams are kind of weird but I'm overall sleeping pretty well. I'm no longer sick with a cold so my sleep really improved this week compared to the previous couple. 

6. Symptoms

I just feel super pregnant. I literally don't understand how I have 10 weeks worth of growth left. I feel like I'm stretched to the maximum already. Obviously baby and I both have a lot of growing still to do, I just find it hard to believe.

7. Rings on or off?

After finishing in NICU on Friday I put them back on. They're comfortable now, but I'm probably going to take them off at the first sign of difficulty getting them on and off, because I don't want them to get stuck. No telling when that will be though. 

8. Belly button in or out?

The top part flipped a tiny bit a while ago but it hasn't really changed again yet. Still in. 

9. Food cravings

We've been on our mini resort vacation to Arizona this weekend and I've been eating all kinds of foods both healthy and decadent. One of my favorites was this salad from True Food Kitchen with a coconut kale smoothie.

10. Fitness

Since I was feeling healthier this week I've been doing yoga and made it into the gym a couple times. I didn't go to my yoga class because we're out of town, but I'm planning to go this week.

11. Feelings and Mood

I was moody during the week last week, which I think was just related to how close I was to being done with work and wishing for the week to be over. Since then I've been very happy, but that's sort of circumstantial since I'm on vacation.

12. Pregnancy Perks and Snarks

My snarks this week are just things I miss. I really miss being able to lie on my stomach. It was one of my most comfortable positions pre-pregnancy and I'm really looking forward to it in a couple more months. I'm also at a resort with a sauna, steam room and jacuzzi and really look forward to being able to use those again. 

13. Best moment this week

I have 2: 

1. Leaving work on Friday - my very last full clinical day of residency. I'll still have lecture, continuity clinic and plenty of work to do with research and boards studying but I am done with hospital-based rotations and it's very exciting.

2. This one: poolside with my coconut smoothie

And that's it - thanks for reading my 30 week update, see you soon.

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