Friday, July 1, 2011

How (and How NOT) to Make Hummus

Okay, I know the internets are full of hummus recipes and instruction - but of course I've synthesized some tips from various places and have a favorite. 

Hummus is really flexible - it's actually a great vehicle for getting a little crazy with the contents of your fridge. Have peppers? Roast and add them. Spinach? Artichokes? What about mixing different beans with the garbanzos? Feel free to get wild.

This particular one is also great for using up some of that zucchini that's coming out your ears in these summer months. The zucchini flavor's very mild, so it's also good for sneaking more vegetables into your diet. 

The last time I made this I was visiting home. We made a big batch and Mom and I tentatively planned to see if the extra would freeze well ... but then it turned out really awesome and pretty much all got devoured. I think it's because I had Mom to help me - you could taste the love. 

Good thing it's so easy to make, but I still don't know how well it freezes. 

Zucchini Hummus
Makes a lot. You could halve it pretty easily if you want less. 

2 zucchini, roughly chopped (it'll end up in the food processor)
1 clove garlic, minced
Oil for sauteeing

2 cans garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained AND peeled BUT keep the liquid
4 tbsp lemon juice
1/3 cup tahini
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp salt

1. Sautee the garlic in oil for 30 seconds, then add the zucchini and cook about 8 minutes - until it's soft.
2. Open your garbanzo beans and drain off the liquid into a cup.
3. Peel your garbanzo beans. It's easier than it sounds - the peels come right off, just pinch. It's essential to the creamy texture. Trust me, I've eaten my share of grainy hummus.
4. Throw everything in the food processor and add the zucchini. 
5. Whirl it up. You can adjust the texture as much as you want by adding in the reserved liquid from your garbanzos.
6. Chill it, THEN taste and adjust seasoning. It really needs to be cold to tell what it will actually taste like. I usually end up adding quite a bit more spices and lemon juice, but everyone's tastes are different.

Note on how NOT to make hummus: As you see, we used a blender instead of a food processor. We'd already started before I realized Mom's awesome appliance that I thought was a food processor was actually just for chopping/slicing/grating things. While we made it work, it took a lot of stopping and starting and restirring and our blender was kind of mad at us. 

Moral of the story: Buy a food processor. It's dang useful. 

All you need. Well, plus garbanzos and zucchini.

Oh hi Nicola!

Peeled garbanzos. 

In the blender.

Inhaled Served with pita chips and veggies. 

My favorite thing to dip is orange or yellow bell pepper. I think it tastes like summer.


In other news: 

1. I took my second call last night - if you're catching up, here's the recap on my first one. It was crazy from morning through midnight, literally running from ward to ward, but then it was pretty calm through the night until I left to get to class by 7 am. Or possibly the resident just didn't page me when things came in after midnight. I'm on call with him again on Monday - I'm going to confront him about that possibility. It's my first rotation - I'm not burnt out yet, he shouldn't be just letting me sleep.

2. I've only gone running twice this week. That's fair I guess considering I've also been in the hospital 30 hours at a time twice this week. I just wish it weren't so hot when I get home in the afternoon/evening. I may have to start going to the gym on the way home instead when I can't work out in the morning. I really much prefer exercising outside but summer here really works against me. It was 108 degrees today. 

3. Since I'm on call on the Fourth of July, we're having a Pre-4th-of-July BBQ here tomorrow, and I have the weekend off. Also, John's coming, so I have fun in my future!


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