Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tachy Med Student: Step 1 Scores Tomorrow.

Some rumors say USMLE Step 1 scores will be available tonight at midnight Eastern Time. Does that mean 9 pm Pacific (AKA in an hour and 30 minutes?) 

Other rumors say 6 am tomorrow. 

Either way I'll be able to confirm or deny these shortly. 

I also heard that sometimes people have panic attacks and their airways close up and they swell and get hives and have to go to the emergency room when they see their scores.

Or sometimes they just disappear and then show up in their hometown 25 years later disheveled and rambling, having been living in the jungle.

And also sometimes the Boards monsters crawl through the screen and punch you in the kidney. 

If we pretend these are real rumors, whatever craziness I throw down seems tame in comparison. 

I've been keeping busy and trying not to think about it, but you see my face up there - that's the face my soul is making. 

And to all of you in my position, good luck!

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