Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIAW: On Pediatric Surgery

These days are cray-cray. That's an abbrev for crazy. I think I got that from my roommate Katie.

Pediatric surgery starts pre-rounds at 4:30 am. I've gotten up at 3 am to at least sneak in a baby workout the past 3 days. They're at least 13 hour days in the hospital, but at the same time, it's my favorite week so far because I'm finally working with kids. That said, tomorrow's my last day on the service (class on Friday) and I'm kind of glad. I just need a good night's sleep I think.

So how does one eat on a surgical service? Like someone's about to steal the food from you, because they might. 

It also doesn't lend itself to picture-taking. Not to worry - I made some great diagrams.

3:00 am: Alarm and quick DVD or weights workout.

3:45 am: (My favorite part) Coffee. Also half a banana, but my stomach's not awake enough for real breakfast yet.

4:30 am: (In the workroom in the hospital) Pre-rounds - looking up vitals and intake/output on all the patients on the list with the residents.

5-6 am: Rounds with the residents and fellow (the senior to the senior residents but not quite an attending).

6-7 am: A lecture on basic surgical technique.

7 am: Sprint (literally, white coat flying out behind me) to the cafeteria. Oatmeal and honeydew to go.
7:05 - 8:30: Morbidity and Mortality (M&M) conference.

9 - 11: Surgery

11 - 2: Tumor board. This was unusually long, but with lunch served (yay!) Can you guess what these are?

My awesome paint graphic design skills are available for hire: salad, fruit, mexican rice.

2 - 3: Consults, orders, rounds with one of the attendings.

3 - 5:30: Surgery. I snuck out for a snack between cases. Shhh. Don't tell. My absolute favorite luna bar: Chocolate Dipped Coconut:

Then we got bumped from the operating room for an emergency, so I got to go home.

13 hours of learning. It goes by fast and I like it, but I just wish I could build up my mental stamina so I could also feel like studying when I got home. Definitely something to work on.

Instead I made dinner: Sauteed zucchini, whole wheat rotini, marinara sauce, nutritional yeast. Side of a frozen lemon soy yogurt and a second run-through of coffee. I like reusing the morning coffee (still in the filter in the coffeemaker, is that gross?) It makes a weak cup that still tastes good but won't keep me awake when I want to go to bed.

Happy WIAW! What do you like to eat on rushed days?

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