Thursday, July 7, 2011

Organization: Make it Happen

Or: Guess what safely arrived from Korea yesterday!

I don't know what this face is, but it's excited.

My Journal J Planner!

I ordered it less than a week ago, and it's already here. 

When I read Sarah's detailed tour through it, I was instantly sold. Go check out that post: she breaks down why it's awesome and how she uses it. Since it's just arrived, I don't yet know exactly what I'll do with each section, but without a doubt the best part is that the week is on one side and there's an entire page for notes and lists on the other side for each week. Last year I used a regular planner and put sticky notes for my lists on top of it, but I was constantly peeling them off to look at what was underneath - this is a much better solution. 

The truth is, this is kind of a motivational purchase. Ever since transitioning into clinical rotations (has it really been 3 weeks?) I've felt sort of disorganized. Since I feel productive every day going into the hospital, I've neglected my other to-dos, and started neglecting exercise quite a bit as well. I'm hoping by getting my life organized on paper again, I'll feel back to my normal well-organized self. 


In other news, I realized I haven't actually snapped any pictures of food in over a week. So here's my dinner tonight, and for the next 3 days: broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper, 1 package tofu, and a double recipe of Emily's peanut sauce.

And finally, I've just super busy with my surgery rotation. I figured out I spent about 95 hours in the hospital in 8 days - which includes 3 overnight calls, so it's not really that bad since some of that was spent sleeping. My desk drawer looks like I robbed an operating room - because I did. Okay, I had permission. I just have a few things to practice with so I can look less like an idiot when they hand me a needle and tell me to sew up the incision during surgery. 

I've just finished up my first three weeks of general surgery and next week I'm headed to a week of anesthesia. Now's a great time to call up my Dad and ask him about the essentials. 

Just this very second though, I'm getting organized in my new planner. 

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