Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIAW: Beige Foods and Scurvy

What I Ate Wednesday!
Thanks as always to Jenn for hosting.

So I was gathering up meals for What I Ate Wednesday and I realized its a lot of beige and very few fruits and vegetables. 

I personally haven't seen scurvy in my patients, but one of my fellow residents has seen it in kids who just ate fast food for every meal - if you don't eat fruits and vegetables you get scurvy. That's the one where you're vitamin C deficient and you get weak, anemic and bleed easily. Its not great. Eat fruits and vegetables.

For a quasi-healthy living/medical/food blog I sure am setting a good example.

Breakfast: Yukon Gold Potatoes

Breakfast potatoes are supposed to be cut up and roasted or whatever, but I just rubbed some oil on these, poked some holes in them and put these in the microwave for 5 minutes. Sort of like breakfast potatoes but different.

Lunch: Leftover Pumpkin Baked Pasta

This looks like a small portion, but I had 3 bowls this size. I'm not kidding. Also leftover coffee because I still had a mug's-worth sitting in the pot from this morning. 

Dinner: Tempeh Pot Pie Stew

It's been a slow cooker-heavy past couple days here, thanks to John who has been trying to get some vegetables into me while I've been sort of overwhelmed by work. This recipe started as actual pot pie but then we mixed everything together so we made it as stew. I can't decide if its the least appetizing picture I've ever taken or just in the running. Maybe sometime I'll write an ugly food post - I have a lot of material.

I'm telling you - beige and scurvy.

So eat your fruits and vegetables everyone and here's hoping I'll see you next week for a more colorful WIAW.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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