Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Goals: Christmas Edition

The last time I wrote a goals post was April.

If we apply my goal-setting skills to my goal-achieving record they're pretty similar.

Of course I still want to drink more water, be more active, have more quiet time, read more etc. etc.


So this month I'm setting goals for the season.

Goal 1: Decorate the house.

Just kidding its already done. See above. Like 2 weeks ago. Yeah, before Thanksgiving.

But any list maker knows, it's important to the soul to write down the productive things you have already done, thus starting the mood off right with a satisfying check mark.

Goal 2: Have presents purchased and wrapped before Christmas Eve.

I'm not saying it has to be well in advance. In fact it can happen on the 23rd, but I just want to be done before Christmas Eve.

Goal 3: Drink an absolute ton of tea. 

This Christmas mug was a gift and when I opened our Christmas boxes a couple weeks ago I was so excited to put them in the cupboard.

Although technically tea is great even when it's not Christmas, its even better when it is. This is sort of like a healthy hydration goal, but really its just about the atmosphere.

Goal 4: Try some holiday nails.

I mentioned in my Things I'm Bad At post that I'm really bad at nail polish, but I want to at least try some themed nail art this year. I work in pediatrics after all, it doesn't have to be all beige.

I like them right now.

So these are sort of like goals and sort of like fun things I hope I do this month. Goals should have that tone sometimes. 

What are your hopes for December?

Thanks for reading, see you soon. 

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