Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Faves 1/16/15

It's that time again. It doesn't feel like it's been a week already, but there you go.

1. Things My Sisters Say
While I was on nights the past couple weeks it seemed like all my sisters were keeping a nocturnal schedule too. Some by choice, some not.

2. Music
Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider: Take Me to Church cover. These guys make original music, but also some of my favorite covers over the past several years.

3. Snack or Meal
Sauteed brussels sprouts and Trader Joe's vegan chicken. So good.

4. Lifestyle. Usually in this section I put a makeup product or something I've been wearing, but with gas prices like this it's travel time. Let's drive somewhere. Anywhere. My 16 gallon tank costs $25. Apparently it's some of the lowest prices in the country.

5. Recipe
I'm just going to share this great post from Chocolate Covered Katie with several of her best breakfast recipes, because coming off of nights has particularly made me feel like breakfast at all times of day.

12 Recipes That Prove Breakfast is the Best Meal of the Day

[Photo is hers]

Happy weekend!

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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