Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Faves 1/9/15

We took a break for the holidays, but we are now back and though I'm pretty busy with night shifts right now, here's a few faves for the week.

1. Things My Sisters Say

Since I was home for Christmas, I got to have some real life conversations with my sisters. The following is an exemplary moment of us teasing Shannon, who is a good sport.

Me: Nicola are your friends having a good break?
Nicola: Oh, pretty normal - you know it's good to see family but you kinda want to kill them.
Shannon: I never feel that way.
Emma: That's because you're the most annoying one.

2. Music: It doesn't matter at all which version you listen to, but Into the Woods has always been one of my favorite musicals and the new movie adaptation does the songs and score well. So whether you prefer original Broadway or not, you're going to like this.

3. Snack or Meal

This little gem from my December vegan cuts box was so good. Like a macaroon.

4. Style and Beauty

This Lemon Lip Cream from C.O. Bigelow [bought at Bath and Body Works] has been really perking up my parched lips. They're always dry here in New Mexico, but winter is especially bad, and with this one a tiny amount goes a long way. It also has a delicious wake-me-up lemony smell.

5. Recipe: Tempeh Bacon grilled cheese. As I mentioned on Wednesday I eat significantly less well on night shifts. This is a combination that satisfies my comfort food cravings.

Whole grain bread - 2 slices 
Tempeh bacon - I use the More Peas, Thank You recipe and make it myself but you can buy it already flavored too. This recipe does not flavor the tempeh and heats but doesn't cook it, so raw tempeh will not work as a substitute.
Earth balance
Daiya mozzarella or other cheese. Hummus may also work but I would then omit the Vegenaise and ketchup.
Veggies: I like peppers, tomatoes, olives etc.

Heat a pan over medium heat, no need to spray it.
Place a small amount of ketchup and Vegenaise on the inside of each slice of bread and spread thinly.
Spread a thin layer of earth balance on the outside of each slice of bread.
Place one slice of bread butter side down in the pan.
Sprinkle with a thin layer of vegan cheese.
Top with slices of tempeh bacon, then veggies and another tiny sprinkling of cheese.
Add the remaining slice of bread and squish it down a little.
Cook about 5-10 mins, then flip and cook another 5-10 mins on the other side. When the cheese is a little melts and the outside of the bread is crispy, you're done.


Happy weekend!

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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