Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Stitch Fix Maternity Review #2

My next Stitch Fix arrived this weekend and I'm very excited to share it with you.

You can read my first Stitch Fix post for an overview of how it works. 

In short: I get 5 items chosen based on my personal style, I get to try them on with my current wardrobe, keep the ones I love and send back the others. 

I asked for a "light or bright spring dress" in this fix, and I had given some feedback about my first one, but didn't ask for anything else very specific. 

My stylist was Natalie and I thought she did a great job. 

So here we go:

1. Alma Beaded Pre-Layered Necklace from Bay to Baubles

I was really excited to get a necklace with my fix - I wouldn't say jewelry is really a priority for me but I'm looking to build that part of my wardrobe a little. I forgot to get a really good closeup, but you can see it here in the photo with all the items, and I'm wearing it in most of the other photos (just not the ones with the jacket). 

It has 2 strands and a pretty built-in layered look, but I just didn't think the gold was quite right with my tones - it was a little yellow. I'm sure if it had looked awesome on me I would have considered it, but I'm also not really looking for more delicate necklaces as that's most of what I already have. 

Status: Returned

2. Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket from Just USA

This is a perfectly nice denim jacket, I just don't have a use for one. It doesn't feel like me - I don't like the feeling of the collar around my neck and it's stiffer fabric than I like to wear on my top half. I also didn't like the fading and pre-distressed areas - they just looked a little odd and made it a little too casual.

I'm wearing it here with a Prana dress from REI I bought about a year ago. It's not maternity but still fits the bump well. 

Status: Returned

3. Gabre Maternity Dress from Eight Sixty

I didn't know exactly what I wanted when I asked for a "bright or light spring dress" but this was it! This is the perfect color, the fabric feels thick and super soft and I could wear it to multiple occasions including work. 

Status: Keep!

4. Medford Shortsleeve Maternity Knit Top from Loveappella Maternity

I'm wearing this with my dark Motherhood Maternity jeans. The fabric and fit of this shirt were great. If I hadn't liked other pieces in this fix so much, or had unlimited funds, I probably would've kept it. It's simple enough and similar to other things I already own though so I decided to send it back. 

Status: Returned

5. Carlita Jersey Maternity Maxi Dress from Loveappella

I don't own any maxi dresses. Most of the time when I've tried them in the past I've thought they looked terrible, and I had a hard time finding one that fit my frame - I'm 5'4" so not super short but they were always too long. 

This one though, is perfect. It has a nice nursing-compatible cross-front neckline, it's super soft, and I don't even have to wear heels to keep it off the ground. I love the pattern and it's not like anything I already have, so I was really excited to keep this one.

Status: Keep!

Alma Beaded Pre-Layered Necklace from Bay to Baubles: $28
Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket from Just USA: $58
Gabre Maternity Dress from Eight Sixty: $88
Medford Shortsleeve Maternity Knit Top from Loveappella Maternity: $48
Carlita Jersey Maternity Maxi Dress from Loveappella: $78

Total cost for items kept: $166 (minus $20 already paid for styling) = $146

I'm so happy with the dresses that were picked for me in this fix I requested Natalie style my next fix as well. I'm not sure yet which specific types of items I'm going to ask for - as the weather changes to be warmer I'm waiting to see what I still need.

If you want to try it, you can check out Stitch Fix here for more information. If you decide to sign up, using my referral code [which is the above link] helps me out with some site credit which of course I appreciate, but you don't need a referral code to sign up.

Which item is your favorite? 

Bump status in these photos: 25 weeks.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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