Friday, June 10, 2011

3 am Alarm, 6 am Flight, 8:15 am Home in Oregon!

I had grand intentions of writing lots and catching up on some post ideas I've had in my days here in Oregon, but it turns out my family's internet connection is stuck in the last millennium and it's too frustratingly slow to post from home. So, although it's now my third day at home, I've just now ventured out to a Starbucks to take care of school business as well as write a post about how lovely it is here, even sans internet. 


I arrived safely home. My flight was quite early, so John was rather awesome in his willingness to drive me to the airport. I read a book, had some Biscoff cookies on the plane, looked out the window, and before I knew it, landed at home.

Rather empty at 4:40 am.

Mom and I stopped at Trader Joe's in Lake Oswego on our way home. The one in Salem opens on June 17th (1 week!) but just not in time to feed me on this particular trip. I'm very familiar with Trader Joe's so Mom let me walk her through every aisle, tell her what I'd tried and hadn't, what I liked and not-so-much, and we left with quite a cartload. Next time I visit, there will be one here in Salem. People are pretty excited about it.

After our grocery adventure we ended up at Sweet Tomatoes (AKA Souplantation in other parts, I think, or maybe just remarkably identical in concept and decor?) and I had an enormous salad and apple. Some branches guarantee a vegan soup, but there's lactose in the vegetable base, and this one didn't have any soups that didn't use that base.

I went out to lunch with my Mom again the next day at a new-to-me restaurant in Salem - Venti's. It's very vegetarian/vegan friendly but has lots of omnivore options as well. There's also a basement bar, but I didn't check that out. Yellow curry (rather too spicy we thought) for her and a veggie wrap for me. It's nice to know there's a restaurant in town with "vegan" on the menu. It's very popular though especially since it's downtown, we got there and it was empty at 11:45, but the line was out the door my noon. They're opening another branch on Commercial soon, but it probably won't really cut down the downtown lunch crowd, since I would imagine many people walk from work.

I love her. 

I also crashed my sister Emma's last class as a high schooler. AP Art History - I took the class six years ago (really? six?) and it was nice to say hello to an old teacher as well. I also saw her get some awards at the Senior Awards assembly. I'm so proud. I mean, look at that face.

I also bought new running shoes. Correction: Mom bought me new running shoes because she's wonderful. It had been a year since my last new pair...oops. They're the Asics GT series, a stability shoe, and basically the current model of the exact shoe I had before. I tried on 3 others, but they couldn't compete.

Now I just need a new race to train for...

And finally, last night my beautiful friend Rachael drove all the way down from Portland to have dinner with me. It was wonderful to catch up with her over some summer rolls and curry at the Thai Orchid. Talking with her always makes me want to move to Portland that much sooner. As you can see, she also makes a lovely model for our appetizer. Thanks Rachael!

And now, while I still have internet, I'm looking forward to catching up on all your blogs, and then I have a cooking date with Mom and Emma's graduation is tonight! My flight is early on Sunday, so I really only have another day and a half here at home. It seems like too short a time when I get to visit so infrequently now. It always makes me wish I could move back a little sooner.

Also, it's the weekend, so I hope you all have a great one.

Do you live far from your family? How often do you get to see them?

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